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client comments

Really enjoying my classes. Can feel the benefits each week. People are getting to know each other which makes the classes very friendly.


My body is feeling the benefits (and long may it continue). I can even do the Lotus now!


PS: Almost forgot to add, Glenn is a GREAT instructor.

Barry W

Really enjoying Sunday CoreFlex Yoga/Pilates sessions and noticing improvements each week with regards my flexibility.


As a keen runner/cyclist I am prone to stiffness in the hips and shoulders and neglect to stretch as I should.


An hour of CoreFlex eases and loosens aches and pains at a pace that makes me feel like I've had a full body workout!

Vicky H

After years of abusing my body playing football and cycling I decided at 54 years of age to try and slow down the rapid decline in my mobility and flexibility by embarking on a session or two of yoga / Pilates .

Having been to a couple of classes with tree huggers and people trying to heal my spiritual self I responded to Glens advert and I am glad I did.

The classes are designed for us mere mortals thankfully and because of Glenn’s relaxed style of teaching I have really enjoyed the experience.

After 2 months I can finally touch my toes and the back pain I used to suffer with has long gone.

Thoroughly recommend these classes to young and old not just because of the health benefits but also because it's fun

Les R

As a complete beginner I’d always been a bit apprehensive about attending a Yoga/Pilates class, but CoreFlex is really friendly and welcoming and Glenn runs the sessions to suits all abilities.


As someone who could barely touch my toes to begin with, after several weeks of classes I can feel my strength and flexibility improving which is great motivation! I have never really been a fan of any kind of exercise but I enjoy CoreFlex so much that I now go to classes twice a week and am really feeling the benefit - although there’s still much work to do on my side plank.

Gill S

I started at Core-Flex in November with minimal experience of Yoga / Pilates and was surprised at how inflexible I was given my age and fitness.


I was unable to do many of the simple positions / actions when I started, however, some of these have now become comfortable resting positions.


Over the past 3 months, attending each week, I have gained a lot of flexibility and strength. The classes have progressed at a steady speed from complete beginner onwards, with each week progressing further and pushing to the next level.


The classes have a very comfortable vibe and have a mixture of males and females which at previous yoga classes prior to Core-Flex, were heavily female dominant.


I would definitely recommend Core-Flex to anyone interested in starting yoga / pilates classes.


Ryan J

Having only ever taken one yoga class before I was somewhat nervous at joining a class, especially as I have the grace of a small hippo and the balance skills of a one legged horse.

Having participated in practically every fitness class and sport ever made I anticipated this would be another fad that I would soon get bored of. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Two months in and still going strong with two - three classes a week.


Week by week I see an improvement in my fitness, balance and strength. I’m working up to being able to do a one armed handstand whilst cooking tea and sipping a glass of a Chardonnay.

All in all I absolutely love the classes and look forward to going each week, not only are they informative but also great fun. Glenn is a great teacher and I look forward to seeing my progress over the coming months.

Tracey R

Love my yoga class.


Feels good and hurts the day after - perfect.


Glenn is brilliant and helps you personalise the class to your individual needs. Very fun and relaxing

Laura D

Love this class, everyone is really friendly, the exercises are helping to re-build my confidence after an injury, 5 stars.

Rachel G

I've learnt a lot of new exercises with Glen, and, whilst you can push yourself as much as you d like, there s also no pressure to go further than you feel comfortable with.  Really informative and good fun...Glenn definitely has the 'moves like Jagger!

Lisa T

Never tried yoga before but thought I'd give it a shot: never looked back.  Glenn's lessons are informative, fun and I've got to say, pretty tough, but the hour flies by and everyone's always smiling at the end.

Susan F

I'm a beginner with back problems.  I expected Yoga Pilates to be all whale music with some gentle stretching.  I was wrong.  Glenn's class is welcoming and he makes you feel comfortable - the moves can be difficult and challenging (and some hurt) but there's never any pressure to go beyond your own capabilities.  I've only done two classes so far - laughs with encouragement is a good combination.  Highly Recommended.

Valery W

Really friendly group, Glenn caters for all abilities and is great at encouraging and pushing you. Loved the class and will definitely be a regular!

Victoria W

Glenn is lovely and made me feel comfortable joining a new class right away. He is really encouraging throughout the class which really helps ease any nerves of doing something new. Loved the class

Zoe J

I attended Glenn's yoga class for the first time as a beginner, the class was friendly and welcoming. I was able to participate at my own pace and ability.  I will certainly be attending again next week.  Thoroughly enjoyed it

Sharon D

Ordinarily, 7pm on Wednesday is watching Emmerdale with my PJ’s on. That was until I was told about CoreFlex at the Hub, Westhoughton. What a class! I went with the intention of improving my core but came away knowing I needed improvement in strength and flexibility also. It’s a mix of abilities and ages in the class and has an air of feel good about it that puts you at ease. 8 weeks on and I have really noticed a difference in all areas. Hats off to Glenn, definitely one to recommend.

Gwen B

I've now done 3 classes with Glenn and as a newbie to yoga, I've really enjoyed every single one. Glenn is very approachable and no-one is made to feel that the moves are out of their reach. Another bonus is the small class sizes which means everyone receives some feedback or pointers for improvement. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Carol C

Thoroughly enjoyed my first yoga class on Sunday. Everyone made me welcome and Glenn was encouraging and helped you with those awkward moves. Definitely going back this week

Angela D

I do a lot of exercise but this is the first class when you can feel a difference in such a short time.

Christine B

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