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Did you know that introducing Coreflex Yoga Pilates Fitness into your workplace routine can be a game-changer for overall staff wellbeing? It's not about striking a pose or looking good on “insta”; it's about finding balance in the chaos of the 9-5. 


Did you also know, COREFLEX deliver a wide range of well-being services and workshops in workplace environments, including pure yoga or Pilates, reiki healing, sound baths, hypnotherapy and physiotherapy.


There are so many reasons you should consider inviting CoreFlex’s into your workplace - here’s just a few:


Stress Busting: Coreflex Yoga Pilates Fitness helps kick stress to the curb. Those deep breaths and stretches release tension, leaving you feeling more relaxed and focused.


Boost Productivity: A quick Coreflex session can re-energise you and boost productivity. Say goodbye to the mid-afternoon slump! It’s way more rewarding than a Mars Bar and a macchiato. 


Team Bonding: Sharing Coreflex sessions with colleagues builds stronger connections. It's a fantastic way to unwind together, and you might just discover hidden talents among your coworkers and even yourself!


Better Posture: Hours at our desks can lead to bad posture. Coreflex helps improve alignment and reduce those aches and pains.


Mental Clarity: Coreflex enhances mindfulness, leaving you with a clearer, calmer mind. Perfect for making important decisions with a fresh perspective!


Let's make wellbeing a priority, starting right here at the office. For more information on how to book Coreflex in your workplace, just fill in the form or contact Glenn on 07885 871024 or email to discuss, arrange a meeting and to set up a taster class.

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