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I have been attending Glenn's classes for several weeks now,  and I have really felt the benefit. I am 51 and a golfer and it has really helped my core strength and flexibility. The classes are varied and always enjoyable and I would highly recommend to men or women of all ages and especially to golfers. Thanks Glenn see you at the weekend.

Phil Martland


Having never tried yoga or Pilates before I love this class!  Glenn is friendly and encouraging.  The class is a great workout and whilst still being fun.  I’d highly recommend to anybody wanting to try yoga or Pilates.

Alex Dawber


If you want to be bored and the class to drag then don't come to this class because its neither of these.  It's brilliant.  Glenn is a fab teacher. The routines differ. They are for all fitness levels. All shapes and sizes.  So come along

Susie Kay


I have been attending Glenns classes for the last year now, it has helped me manage my back and improve my fitness. It is the first class I have continued to go attend for this long, always have a laugh and tayloed to your own level.

Chris Heaton


This is my first time at ever trying yoga  and I love it , plus I think I'm doing really well,  Glenn is a brilliant trainer and he makes the sessions fun too, everyone should give it a go , look forward every week to going and I feel so much better every week

Lesley Hanlon


I've been going to Glenn's classes now for over 6 months, once sometimes twice a week, classes are always a good mix of yoga & pilates moves/stretches, recommend for all skill levels, I started with little to no experience with these type of classes, its a great class and it's kept me coming back .



Been going to Coreflex for over a year now and rarely miss a week. It is a mix of pilates and yoga and massively helps to improve strength, flexibility and sleep. It's a very relaxed & fun class and Glenn is a great teacher

Lisa Lawton


At 68 this was my first time at trying Pilates and Ive been going to the class now for 8 mths. Glenn is a great instructor with varying routines and ensures that everyone is welcome whatever their ability

Andy Sanderson


Great class. It's suitable at any level/experience, friendly, and good exercise too. Glenn is a fab instructor. Recommended!

Mel Callas


I have never done Yoga or Pilates before but as I’m getting on a bit - 58 I was aware I needed to keep my body flexible and supple, started with Coreflex in January and haven’t missed a week yet, the classes are easy to follow, fun filled, therapeutic but you definitely stretch and work places I had forgotten about, would highly recommend Glenn, a fab teacher who welcomes everyone with a smile and his own brand of humour.

Sue Frain


Have been going to Core Flex for approximately 18 months have never been this consistent with exercise usually given up well before now. I like the atmosphere in the class nonjudgmental and very relaxed.

Susan Fowler


If Carlsberg did Yoga Pilates classes in Bolton, covering Westhoughton, Horwich, Adlington, Egerton, Farnworth,  Leigh, Wigan and Hindley, Coreflex would be it.

Howard Greenhalgh


Absolutely love going along to Pilates. It’s the only form of exercise I look forward to doing and I believe that is largely down to Glenn (instructor)!

Safina Ahmed


A very good hour spent getting fitter, more flexible and laughing! Glenn is thorough, funny and attentive.

Jac Thompson 


Great fun sessions with friendly instructor. Classes full of all ages, shapes and sizes. I tried out of curiosity and have not regretted it

George Ogden


Glenn even managed to get my partner enjoying yoga ...I can't give a higher accolade than that!

Debbie Anwyl


I’d never done yoga or Pilates until January 2019.  I walked in class terrified but within minutes Glenn had welcomed me and my son and was chatting with some of the wonderful people there.

It is never repetitive or boring.  It isn’t full on seriousness, we do have a laugh but by lord does Glenn get the best out of you.  You certainly know you’ve had a class the day after and it is fabulous.

It is so much fun and would never consider going elsewhere.

If you are considering Coreflex book on..... you’ll have a great hour full of moves you didn’t think you could manage (unless you are really flexible and good!) and giggles.

Glenn is a great instructor and all round nice guy.

Cath Aldred


Glenn's Core Flex classes hit the right balance for a group of individuals with all levels of capabilities, strength and flexibility. The class programme is changed on a regular basis with Glenn frequently throwing in new challenges to continue working on at home after the class has finished. Glenn is extremely knowledgeable (albeit not your typical yogi type) and is an incredibly fun and friendly guy. We look forward to and thoroughly enjoy his classes and cannot recommend them enough!

Elaine Shaw


I've been going to Core-Flex for 18 months. I have back problems and was advised to do Pilates by my consultant. My back has been fine and I'm much more flexible. It means I can keep active and healthy. Glenn is very thorough with explanations and each lesson has a new approach so that every set of muscles is targeted. The classes are fun and whilst we work at our own pace, Glenn will encourage you to take that extra push. Would definitely recommend and I know that the classes have helped me.

Sue Jones


I have done Core Flex classes for 10 months now and am still reaping the rewards. My flexibility and strength have massively improved and best of all I have had a huge reduction in my pain levels from a pre-existing condition and now rarely need to take pain killers.  The sessions are not “typical” yoga lessons ( there’s no zen with Glenn ha ha!) you work hard but at your own level and pace and Glenn makes it fun and varied. The atmosphere is welcoming and everyone is very friendly. I go to at least two classes a week and my only criticism is that Glenn doesn’t do more classes on more days! Highly highly recommended - you will get results and have a great time!

Christine Brown


I've been going to Glenn's classes for 3 months now. I'm not a person that usually enjoys exercise, however Glenn has changed me! I look forward to my weekly Coreflex class and I'm gutted on the occasions when I've not booked on in time and the classes have been full. It is an intense workout, though achievable, I was a novice when i started and I've surprised myself at what I've been able to do. Glenn makes the classes enjoyable with his easy to follow instructions, encouragement and humour. I've had amazing results in toning, strength and flexibility, which I'm really happy with. Plus the daily headaches I'd been getting from neck and shoulder tension have gone. I highly recommend Glenn and his Coreflex classes.

Jacqui Nunn


I always feel calm and relaxed when I have had a class with Glenn. He is super nice and all of us really enjoy the sessions. He is very understanding that not all can get every yoga pose right but that’s the whole point to learn and develop myself and get better. So patient is Glenn. Thanks

Lindsay Taylor


I’ve been going along to Glenn’s core flex classes for the past 10 months. They are really enjoyable and all who attend an go at their own pace. The classes are welcoming, friendly and great fun, whilst providing a good workout. I’d recommend anyone to come along and give it a go.

Anne Godding


I have been attending for a number of months now and am really feeling the benefit. Glen is a great coach who seems to have the ability to plan and manage his sessions to meet the individual abilities of each person in class. Would definitely recommend giving his classes a go.

Caroline Clark 


Started classes end of August after recommendation. Love the Sunday class, we are different ages and abilities yet no one is judged or made to feel uncomfortable. Glenn is a fantastic teacher who greets you with the warmest of welcomes and makes exercise fun. Having lost 3 stone I'm already seeing the wobbly bits gets firmer and I feel better than ever ! Come and join us, there's no strangers just friends you haven't met yet...

Jill Jones


So pleased I came across CoreFlex Yoga Pilates when looking for a class to participate in.  Glenn really knows his stuff,  and the classes are equally suitable for beginners and those more advanced.  Very friendly and welcoming classes.  Really enjoy my weekly work outs.

Dawn Dean


i joined CoreFlex last year and have enjoyed every session. Glenn is a great teacher and while he makes  you work hard ( but at your own pace) the classes are fun and friendly. Highly recommend.

Christine Walsh


Loved Glenn’s class! Me and my friends first time and enjoyed it, had a laugh all the participants where really nice and Glenn makes you feel welcome! Even if you’ve never done yoga before! Amazing.



Superb class. Incorporating yoga and Pilates style movements but with the elements of added cardio and strength work which yield great results. Within a few classes I felt stronger, more visibly toned and definitely more confident.


I always look forward to my weekly Coreflex with Glenn. Not only do I work out hard but it’s a great fun atmosphere with a lovely friendly bunch of people (we laugh a lot) and eclectic music to keep us going when it gets tough.

Glenn supports us individually so we can adapt the sequences to suit our ability and then pushes us to the next level.

Simply put, a great class with an awesome teacher. Suitable for everyone.

Emma Carey


As a beginner and who never experienced Yoga/Pilates previously , I have felt very welcomed and supported. Glen is amazing with his knowledge and humour , the 1 hour session passes by so quickly. I feel the benefit after every lesson with all the aches :) I defo recommend These sessions with Glen. As you can see online the sessions also gets booked up very quickly.

Sevtap Rowlands


Brilliant class that challenges you but is great fun at the same time. Glenn is very good and will show you how to adapt movements to accommodate particular concerns you may have. Great atmosphere and you do feel like you’ve worked hard.

Fiona Ince 


I love this class so much, I've gained strength, balance and confidence over this last year. If you want a class, packed with a mixture of strengthening yoga/pilates moves and poses,

occasionally using props, then this is it. Glenn is brilliant, he makes us laugh but works us hard. 

If you want a relaxing, slow, chilled out class, then sorry this isn't for you!

This is fun, strong, and hard work, and that's what gets results.

I always book well in advance as it gets booked up quickly, but there are 3 days to choose from and 2 classes on each of those days.

Fun, challenging and friendly class, with a welcoming knowledgable teacher. 

Lorraine Brooks


I have never done yoga or pilates  before, I was quite apprehensive about attending , however my nerves were soon settled. Glenn is a great teacher who patiently helps you through the sessions.   I would highly recommend to anyone.

Mr M


A friend recommended coreflex and i attended my first class earlier this year. i am not a fan of yoga and she said it was hard but combined yoga and pilates which i had never tried  but i needed and wanted to improve my balance mobility fitness and general well being

after one class i was hooked .the improvements were  subtle but immediate i feel  more energised my balance is improving weekly and my mobiliyi is greatly improved coreflex is for any shape size age ability and Glenn makes the clsss fun as well as beneficial the hour flys and one class a week just isnt enough

i do two where possible and would do  a class every day if i could . for someone who doesn’t really like exercise i have found something i look forward to.every class thanks Glenn keep up the fab work !

Carol Roper 


Great for beginners and the more experienced. Glenn is great.

Steve Richardson 


Glenn’s class is really fun and friendly and after a few weeks it’s a nice surprise to realise that you have made good progress. It really feels like you have had a great workout afterwards and you always leave with a smile on your face

Terry Donovan


Always a great class with Glenn. It's the unique combination of excellent yoga, amusing banter and eclectic soundtrack that keeps people coming back time after time!

Jo Hardy


Really enjoyable sessions completed in a fun, but challenging environment, where all are made welcome.  Good mix of yoga and strength building exercises, which results in a varied session each week.  I do a lot of cycling and the aches and pains I used to suffer from have now gone.  Would recommend anyone to come along and give it a go

Rob Armstrong 


This is a brilliant class with a great mix of yoga and Pilates. It's always relaxed and fun yet hard work with good results. I would recommend Glenn's classes 100%

Sharon Cunliffe


A positive and well paced class with a true focus on core work. Instant results. A win.

Ria Ashcroft 


amazing  class,  really well taught  and always  really  good fun , Glen is really motivating and inspiring  and very knowledge  , have been going since April  and  a massive  difference  - is now a habit

Ailie Wallace


COREFLEX Yoga Pilates is fantastic

Work hard but Glenn always makes it fun

Feeling loads better since I started the classes fitter and less painful joints

Would highly recommend.

Jo Rushton 


I started these classes to help with back ache after an operation. I was extremely happy with the results. I attend regularly and really enjoy the workout, and I’ve made a few friends along the way! I Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s interested. Give it a try!

Jay Townley 


Really enjoy these sessions! It’s a brilliant class with friendly people & Glenn is a fantastic supportive, encouraging teacher. Cannot recommend it enough!

Dawn Ridyard 


Don't just read the reviews, book on try out , you will love it.

Julie Cocking


Well doing this sort of thing is completely out of my comfort zone but after joining slimming World this January & loosing over 5st my health has improved tremendously I also go to zumba on a Friday night which I also enjoy this was my partners idea to have a go at pilates the first class we were very welcomed & much to my amazement I actually now enjoy doing it the instructor glenn is such a good influence & very motivational to the whole class & one important thing is nobody is ever judged & everyone gets praised for attending class   good work Glenn

Steven Russel


Glenn is a great trainer explaining everything in the session I would definitely recommend him and his classes

Peter Higson


Amazing teacher that guides you through the class, this doesn't matter whether you are novice or expert. He also makes sure if you have medical issues that they are carefully worked around. HIGHLY recommended.

Joel Malone 


Great instructor and friendly vibe.

Paul Catterall


Very enjoyable classes with Glenn. You do as much as you want / can do without any pressure

Tony Glennon


Recommend this class highly. It's made a real difference to my strength and flexibility.  It's also fun and relaxed and no one takes themselves too seriously. Give it a go!

Val Jones


Really good, challenging class and a supportive environment

Lucy Sanders


Great workout and a fun class

Steve Myatt


I started at Coreflex with little yoga experience so wasn’t very flexible. I wasn’t able to do some of the basic positions as I was more inflexible than I thought! After 18 months of going each week, I’m more flexible and toned than I’ve been in ages. Glenn is a great teacher, funny, personable and I’ve met a lovely group of people who regularly do the classes too. Great fun and an hour flies by.

Anita Ayling


Very friendly group, love the class and definitely feel the benefits already! Glenn caters for all levels and is great at encouraging everyone with a few jokes along the way to make the pain feel less!! I'd definitely recommend his classes!

Wendy Galea


Has a confirmed couch potato of a maturing age I wanted to get a little more active and I'm so happy I started yoga Pilates with Glenn. From the beginning I felt at ease within the group and found Glenn a calm, knowledgeable and patient and friendly instructor. He's managed to do numerous sessions during this trying period we're currently experiencing via Zoom app. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend coming along to a session and trying the Coreflex way for yourself.

Dawn Dean


Unique Yoga / Pilates classes which I'd highly recommend. Attended the classes for approximately 6 months and each one had a wide variety. Strength and flexibility was gained and would definitely recommend. The classes are very friendly and Glenn was always exceptionally helpful.

Ryan Jones


Love these classes! Glenn is fab and these sessions are the highlight of my week. Highly recommend to anyone!

Jade Sharrock 


Coreflex is brilliant and Glenn makes the classes fun, just the right amount of hard and really welcoming for everyone. Come along!

Amanda White


Fantastic yoga classes! If you like being worked hard with some humour thrown in, this is the place to be. Never done yoga before and now I’m surprising myself with the results!!

Susan Federici


Best yoga Pilates class in town! Glen motivates everyone and has weird and wonderful music!

Sharon Fostyk


1st time doing anything like this n realy enjoyed it .

Small friendly group, Glenn the instructor guides you step by step.

Tracey Carey


Really great classes - fun, challenging, a little different from the usual. Very welcoming and friendly. Glenn's instruction is superb and he really cares about every class member.

Tess Alcroft


Started last year after a bad back problem.

Glenn's classes have really helped my core strength. Everyone in the classes are really nice and the playlist is decent.

Glenn is very approachable, helpful, knowledgable and quite funny.

Highly recommend

Shane Bolton


Fantastic class and fabulous instructor, 100% recommend!



After years of on and off gym training I decided to give these classes a go. I am so glad I did ! I now attend twice per week and can definitely feel the difference, More flexibility and core strength. Classes are fun and are taught at a pace that suits everybody’s needs. Would definitely recommend ! 5*

Caroline Jones


Fabulous class for all abilities!

Bev Hunter


Great, friendly class, suitable for all abilities.

Shelley Ashton


Great fun classes with Glenn. Really noticed an improvement in my strength and flexibility since attending classes regularly. Cheers Glenn!

Caroline Mangnall


I really enjoy Glenn’s classes. Friendly, fun and always a good challenging session. Ive really noticed a difference over the last 2 months. Every week is different and he’s a great teacher. Highly recommend.

Nicola Perks


Great yoga session with a great group of people.

Lynette Smith


Great sessions by Glenn. Friendly classes with a nice mixture of stretches.

Chris KB


had my first class today.  completely loved it.  everyone was really friendly and I didn't feel I needed to be as good as them, I was encouraged to try each pose but go at my own pace.

Liz Mannion


love the classes with Glenn . He's a brilliant teacher- makes each session fun yet beneficial no matter how flexible you are/are not. Gives great feedback after every class. Highly recommended

Chris Walsh


I’ve been going a couple of months now & I love it. Great group, very friendly plus Glenn makes it fun & challenging. I also find this class compliments my other training (HIIT, Box Fit, Weights, etc) & more importantly I can see progress!!

Shell Thorpe 



Love coming along to core-flex, have been coming to classes for a few months now, and have noticed a big improvement in my flexibility! Glenn is a brilliant teacher, very supportive and makes the classes fun too.

Alex Lee


I have only done this class for a couple of months but have seen a massive improvement to my flexibility and core strength. The classes are very friendly and although you work hard the hour session flies by. The need to focus and concentrate on the moves also clears my head and I always leave feeling less stressed. I can’t recommend this class highly enough. Thank you Glenn

Chris Brown


Fantastic classes - Glenn is a superb teacher with eclectic taste in music making his classes even better and his sense of humour isn't bad either!

Michele Price


friendly, fun, hard work but adaptable to all levels of fitness, come away feeling more flexible and positive, an hour of tuning out from the pressures of your day and focusing on yourself

Sonia Smith


I started attending this class 8 months ago and I have significantly improved my health, wellbeing and confidence. Glenn is a brilliant teacher who encourages and supports everyone at their own level. I had never tried Yoga or Pilates before and now I can’t imagine my life without it. I was so nervous the first time I attended as I didn’t think I would ‘fit in’ but everyone is so welcoming - any shape, size, age or ability fits in!!! It is a fantastic class!!!!

Dawn R


Just over a year ago I had a huge amount of pain in my back and leg. I had 3 different hospitals involved in the scans/tests etc and at one point had to hire a disability cart for a music festival. My consultant recommended pilates and I contacted Glenn. I am now a lot more flexible, pain free most of the time and feel fitter and healthier. Glenn is very knowledgeable, lets everyone take their own pace and (sometimes) amusing.

Sue Jones 


The classes are fun and Glenn helps make them as hard or gentle as you need them to be...I’m frequently crumbled up on the back row by the end of the class 

Zahida Hussain


Great classes, good fun, lovely people. Highly recommend Glenn’s classes to anyone new to yoga/Pilates I couldn’t be without it now!

Valery White


Love the classes, Glenn is a great instructor. Fun & friendly and can definitley feel the benefits. Would definitely recommend.

Kate Jones 

I've now done 3 classes with Glenn and as a newbie to yoga, I've really enjoyed every single one. Glenn is very approachable and no-one is made to feel that the moves are out of their reach. Another bonus is the small class sizes which means everyone receives some feedback or pointers for improvement. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Carol M


Really friendly group and instructor caters for all abilities and great at encouraging and pushing you loved the class and will definitely be a regular!

Vic B

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