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I'm Glenn - I've been practicing YOGA and PILATES in and around Bolton for the past fourteen years: I was amazed at how, in a very short space of time, I went from typical forty something couch potato, unable to touch my toes or do a push up, to loving exercise, getting fitter, stronger and really feeling the benefits that practice can bring.


I soon found myself being almost evangelical about the benefits to be had: recommending classes to all my friends.  


So.... a few years down the line, I started to think about how to combine what I believe to be the most beneficial parts of Yoga and Pilates, into a cohesive workout plan, aimed at making the kind of functional improvements in flexibility, core strength and balance that the average person would benefit from.


If someone as unfit and un-sporty as I was can get rapid results from this combination of workouts, anyone can! 

I have a non-traditional approach to teaching class - I offer plenty of adaptations, tips and motivation: all done with a sense of fun.  Life is too short not to enjoy it.


Personally, I practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hot/Bikram Yoga and Pilates, along with my own “CoreFlex Combination”.

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