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the best of Yoga and Pilates in Bolton - covering: Westhoughton, Horwich, Adlington, Egerton, Farnworth, Leigh, Wigan & Hindley



Hi, I'm Glenn - I've been practicing YOGA and PILATES in and around Bolton for the past ten years: I was amazed at how, in a very short space of time, I went from typical forty something couch potato, unable to touch my toes or do a push up, to loving exercise, getting fitter, stronger and really feeling the benefits that practice can bring.


I soon found myself being almost evangelical about the benefits to be had: recommending classes to all my friends.  


So.... a few years down the line, I started to think about how to combine what I believe to be the most beneficial parts of Yoga and Pilates, into a cohesive workout plan, aimed at making the kind of functional improvements in flexibility, core strength and balance that the average person would benefit from.


If someone as unfit and un-sporty as I was can get rapid results from this combination of workouts, anyone can!


Personally, I practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hot/Bikram Yoga and Pilates, along with my own “CoreFlex Combination”.


CoreFlex classes combine the very best elements of Yoga and Pilates - right here in Westhoughton, Bolton.

In many ways these two disciplines are very similar - many exercises, poses and positions naturally cross over. 


In a CoreFlex class the boundaries are completely dissolved, ensuring that you gain a cohesive and total workout to target improvements in core strength, flexibility and balance.

CoreFlex Yoga Pilates classes are active exercise with some very specific goals in mind.  Although relaxation and meditation very much have their place in life, they are not elements that are covered in these classes.  If you are looking for a class to chill you out, keep on looking: Core-Flex will generate body heat, loosen up your muscles and joints and help you gain or maintain functional core strength, flexibility and balance.

Classes run for one hour and are suitable for both men and women of all levels of fitness.  No special equipment is needed (a mat, a water bottle and a hand towel are good to bring - if you work hard, you will sweat). Wear something comfortable but not too loose fitting, that will allow you to move and stretch freely.


Over the years I’ve found that taking a class seriously but also making it a relaxed and fun place to be is the best way to get the most out of a workout - if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t keep coming back!


What People Are Saying About CoreFlex in Westhoughton

"Can feel the benefits each week. People are getting to know each other which makes the classes very friendly"


Combining the best of YOGA and PILATES, the beauty of CORE-FLEX is that YOU decide what YOU want to get out of it: it may be one or even all of the six key areas that the program targets.  The practice is yours, and yours alone: the only person you are competing against is YOURSELF.  Decide what is important to you and set your target (you'll doubtless discover that you actually gain improvements in all areas).








the six key areas of improvement

As the name suggests, Core Strength is at the very centre of achieving good posture, balance and muscle control.  As with all things, either physical or mental, a good foundation is the key to ongoing stability.

Improved flexibility is something that most people would wish to have, as loss in flexibility is one of the most noticeable signs of ageing: the combination of exercises and positions used in Yoga and Pilates is the perfect way to make these functional gains.  I guarantee that you will find improvements in a matter of weeks and that if you stick with it, these incremental gains will take you to a place you haven’t been for years (if at all). 

It is a little known fact that as you age your sense of balance is diminished (this is true for everyone): Yoga and Pilates poses are great ways to turn back the clock.  The more you practice, the more improvements you see, and as your balance improves, these gains will feed into improving other parts of your workout. 

Both Pilates and Yoga are wonderful ways to improve your muscle tone: practice will help you create longer, leaner, stronger muscle tone, without the bulk and heavy lifting that gym work requires.  Bodyweight exercises, also known as callisthenics, are the most natural way to make these improvements.

Core-Flex is an active class: I guarantee improvement and, if you fully commit, I can also guarantee your heart rate will increase and you will sweat.  The beauty of Yoga and Pilates is the low impact nature of the exercises that take strain off sensitive areas like the knees and hips.

An often undervalued by-product of any exercise is how good it can make you feel.  Yoga and Pilates are no exception.  You'll possibly get the endorphin rush during a class, but you'll certainly get the sense of satisfaction from seeing, week by week, the improvements in your physical condition - and it is genuinely good fun too. 








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